Satan's Loins lyrics

At the Concert

By Satan's Loins

I'm at the concert
Dressed to the nines
Oh, there's my girl!
She looks so fine
Yoo hoo!
Yoo hoo!

My name is Jeffrey
My name is Sue
This band sure rocks
I like them, too
You do?
I do-oo-oo-ooh

I don't know what
I want to say
I feel so gay when I try to talk to this girl

I kinda like him
But he's a little weird
He's kinda weird but then again so am I

Oooh oooh oooh
Oooh oooh

(J. tentatively reaches for S.'s hand, they hold hands,
they kiss, he does some sort of "Awwwlright!" gesture)

I'm so stoked I came
To the concert
This sweet chick really rocks

What a surprise
At this concert
This cute boy actually talks

Maybe I'll lure him
Back to my car
And maybe I'll touch his cock


©2006 Satan's Loins