Satan's Loins lyrics

The Quest

By Satan's Loins

I raise my hands
I say, You've got me
I'll do whatever you want
But after you've raped me
Or done whatever sordid deeds

Will I
Still be
Cuz I'd
Still like to see
My baby
At least once more

They shake their heads
They say, You wrong us
We want a diff'rent kind of booty
Yes, we quest for gold
Hidden in the lair of the Dragon King

But we
We're so tiny
We can barely see
Over the shrubbery
And you're
So tall and strong
Would you please lead
Our throng?

Well I don't know
What should I do?
If I say no
Will I be through?

I open my lips
I shake my head
Their axes twitch
I say yes instead

I raise a hand
I say I'll join you
I'll help you find that gold
But me, the kind of booty
I want is that of my gal

So I'll
Do this for
The glor-
Y of love
As well --
And this don't mock --
I'll do it in
The name of rock

In the name of rock
In the name of roll
In the name of cock
In the name of soul

We raise our fists
We scream out loud
Now to the lair
We saunter proud

(drum solo and miscellaneous noises)

(e.g. "There's the Dragon King!" "Get 'im!" "Rooooaaaaaarrr!" Bloodcurdling cries. Shouts of victory. "He's dead! He's dead!" "Gosh, that treasure is so pretty!")

O I did it all for love
All for love
I did it all for love
But I'll take some of this anyway (repeat)

©2003 (!) Satan's Loins

I am so happy to see this here. I only ever heard the final part, when you and Caro performed it for me, impromptu, in the Louvre courtyard.
I am thrilled to hear that the SL project is rekindling.
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