Munchausen Syndrome

You say you have an illness, but you really don't
I feel like I could kill you, but I guess I won't
I'm feeling very angry, want to scream and yell
But I'll just be consoled that you'll end up in hell

They'll stab you with their pitchforks
They will rend your flesh right off the bone
And when they're done, they'll leave you there
All dripping red and on your own...
So all alone!
So all alone!


You had my sympathy, but it was just a lie
You had me so concerned that you were gonna die
But now I know that you are just a lying cow
I hope you go ahead and die anyhow

They'll poke you with their tridents
They will tear your flesh right off the bone
And when they're through, they'll leave your ass
All dripping red and all alone...
Just on your own!
So all alone!

Welcome to hell!

You're evil
It's hell
Of brimstone
It smells
The pain you
Will feel
Is 'cause you're
A heel

So untrustworthy!

Spoken word:

I will get you,
I hope you know.
I am a vampire,
And I will sneak up to you
And bite you.
Because I don't like you.