heartwarming haiku

Like shit from the grim,
grubby arse of a beggar,
I drip with your love.

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my bum

My bum was sick. All
over the place. So I
tried to feed it some milk. I
think that calms the tummy. I
used a bottle because my
bum is such a baby, it
won't drink from a cup like a
normal person. Even though it's
as old as I am.

I carefully inserted the
rubber nipple and tilted my
bum back, hoping that it would
slurp from the grippy tip. But I
guess it was just too ill. Poor
little thing! (Well, it's
not so little. Eventually, all
babies get big and sturdy and
then a little tubby when
middle age sets in.)

So with resignation I
turned to the old standby and
gave it a soother. It
fit so nicely. It
seemed to feel so good. I
was so happy.

Until it spat up the
soother, too, in one big
baby belch. Bad baby!
Bad! Mommy is
so very dirty now!

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