my bum

My bum was sick. All
over the place. So I
tried to feed it some milk. I
think that calms the tummy. I
used a bottle because my
bum is such a baby, it
won't drink from a cup like a
normal person. Even though it's
as old as I am.

I carefully inserted the
rubber nipple and tilted my
bum back, hoping that it would
slurp from the grippy tip. But I
guess it was just too ill. Poor
little thing! (Well, it's
not so little. Eventually, all
babies get big and sturdy and
then a little tubby when
middle age sets in.)

So with resignation I
turned to the old standby and
gave it a soother. It
fit so nicely. It
seemed to feel so good. I
was so happy.

Until it spat up the
soother, too, in one big
baby belch. Bad baby!
Bad! Mommy is
so very dirty now!

This one makes me thing you're developing a useful character here. Could it star in a play?
Hmmm...a poem-play? Why are plays never in verse anymore?
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