apologies and apogees

There once was a man from Dildo .
(There's actually a town in Newfoundland called Dildo!!!)
Who was sexually obsessed with a hobbit called Bilbo.
(I know that's really bad, but what the hell rhymes with Dildo? I guess technically Bilbo doesn't even rhyme with Dildo in a strict sense, but, you know, it'll probably do for the purposes of this limerick...)
And though he was much too tall,
and Bilbo's holes were so small,
(Fuck! This next line has to rhyme with fucking Dildo too! I should have thought ahead or something...)
He had his fun doing it still, though...
(That was weak.)

Please forgive me for being an unattentive blogger-head. I will post as much smut in the next little while as I possibly can to atone. Maybe even pictures, if I can get them past those damn censors.
Boycott Brand America,
Sally Anal. xox