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I cum correct


I object

But one is not a child at fifteen; rather a fully-developed, hot-blooded, fecund young adult.

Just ask O arouser's mom.

Is this thing on?

When I was fifteen I wanted to be a stand up comic. What happens to our childhood desires? Are they stored in some sort of alternate universe? Am I on stage right now, plump squishy tomatos being hurled at my plumb squishy body? These are the questions that plague me.

-martin (on behalf of Dan and Martin) - I N F O R O T I C A [Chickarouser remix]

a tasty season, a smooth transition into the next one
invitation, thus making it a group
a constantly-refreshing cascade of new and stimulating visions

you should accept, arrive snugly
E-Z instructions, you will be asked to reveal
exhibit your identities and you will be free

whatever whenever you wish
join the overwhelmingly trendy new trend
a purpose in life, like we're not lonely losers

Am I high?

Or do I have something in my eye?
Or is the dew of your loins dribbling down my thigh?
Or am I feeling regret for all that old lady porn I decided to buy?
Or do I yearn to dress you in a suit and tie?
Or do I want you only because the length of your right index finger,
     in inches, is equal to pi?
And will I stock up on Kleenex cuz I think you'll make me cry?
Or will I use it to sop up all the spunk that will fly?