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ma�s grande oferta

To Set Sail

My ship's full, I'm setting sail again.
Soon, sea shanties will soak the salty air
as waves lick my bow and stern,
and sharks peek at my keel.
A parrot or two for colour, that will
keep me maties in voice
until someone calls "Island, ho!"
and the boat starts to tilt with the weight
of jubilant men. O, when that happens,
how will I convince them to steer clear?
No one needs the shore, not for long.
Maybe the offer of a few doubloons and some rum,
or that shameful curse of "Landlubbers!" Hmm.
Sometimes I'd like to shipwreck them all;
that'd give them their fucking fix of dry land.


Sheila lives in Berlin because she
adores their sausages. She bathes them
in sauerkraut and ooohs. She wraps both
hands around the thick, curved buns,
careful not to squeeze them too hard,
gentle like a mother, and
pulls the paradise to her lips; she teases out
vinegar tresses with her tongue, kisses the
end of the sausage gently, then widens
her lips for the juicy girth. The mustard daubs
yellow her plaintive, quivering labia as they hover,
and she squeezes her eyes shut,
moans for her hunger to be sated.
And it is, as the meat marches
further and further through her
sausage-like esophagus, which squeezes
the meal down like a wet worm writhing on pavement.
What a delight!


A splash of sherry later, and you
are wet with the ghost of our tongues.

Your hands move around like butterflies
and flit and slit through the air,

slashing it into a cool breeze that
freezes droplets of sweat on my mouth.

You lick your fingers and touch them to the
salt around the rim of your glass,

pull them to your lips, and smile wide
like a demon, red with flickering orange.

With shaking hands, I reach for the
dark bottle and refill your glass.


Allow me to offer you gently my monster cock! I'll clock you with my cock! You want my offer?

Remember, it's top secret.


H:e:l:l:o, t:o g:e:n:t:l:y a:l:l:o:w m:e o:f:f:e:r y:o:u m:o:n:s:t:e:r t:h:e c:l:o:c:k.

Hello, to gently allow me offer you monster the clock.

Hello, to gently allow me please to offer the monster the clock.

You want clock? Monster the? Well look than further its my offer!