"Are you coming?" he said.
"Oh, yes," she said.
"I don't mean that way," he said.
"What way do you mean then?" she said, continuing to rub her labia minor vigorously.
"I mean, are you coming in a physical way?" he said.
"Oh, definitely," she said.
"I don't mean that way," he said.
"What way do you mean, then," she said, continuing to manipulate her right nipple while simultaneously pressing the left one with the forearm she held across her body.
"I mean, are you coming in a motion way?" he said.
"Oh, without question," she said.
"But I don't mean that way," he said.
"Well, what way do you mean," she said, continuing to approach her lubricated finger suggestively near the edge of her clitoral hood before withdrawing to less sensitive portions of her vagina.
"I mean, are you coming in a change of position from one spatial location to another sort of way?" he said.
"Oh, yes!" she said.

"Do you mean to tell me," he said, "that an orgasm is equivalent to a movement from one spatial location to another?"
"My body's changing state", she said, "is causing its definition to move to that of another body. If my body is not the same, because it is another body, my body must therefore have moved to a different location."
"But your physical body remains in the same location," he said. "The change in your body is only temporal, just like any other body that does not have an orgasm but simply performs any quotidian activity."
"In this case, however," she said, "my body's change of state is a result of an inherent activity, whereas your body, having performed the act of washing its hands, for example, has only adopted the participle of an external activity."
"So you're saying," he said, "that an external act like washing my hands does not change an inherent state of my body, and therefore cannot be described as 'coming' in the way your orgasm can be?"
"Oh, yes," she said.
"But then," he said, "do not the acts of peeing, pooing or barfing constitute the same inherent changes of state that could be defined as a replacement of a body in a state to a body in another--in this case purged--state accepting the description of 'coming?'"
"Shit, piss, and barf," she said, "differ from cum in that they divide the body into component parts, of which some physically move, necessitating the need for a reference body that remains stationary, by elimination--no pun intended--categorising the body as the stationary object, therefore not 'coming'", while continuing to flatten her mons veneris against her pelvic bone and move the flesh in a circular motion. "The only act that strictly fulfils the definition of 'coming' as in movement from one spatial location to another is in fact orgasm."
"Sigh," he said. "In that case I guess I have to accept that whether I find that you have come or not, since you are coming, that you have actually come, is that right?"
"Oh, yes," she said, and indeed the philosophy and dirty talk has rendered her orgasm more sublime that it had ever been before, and her body shattered explosively from the impact, as if to prove her argument in fact, and--following a deserved repose--she gathered up her things ready to go.