Ssyn-fock vort-gyo = Yyr-f�ck tyn momvort.
Anum tuam matris cum mea lingua tento.

Il pudding-pud overlord still captivates my figlia in his dirty hut.
But my futb�l amigos have planning for il pudding-pud.
We have constructing an immense cone of gouda.
(It is a diabolicci butt-plug, Signor Marco retrieved from the Nederland when he received the victory in the f�tbol sweepstake two-people holiday to Nederland, but Signora Marco declined to accompagnying because she is in hospital, so Signor Marco bring replacement of Signora Marco her best amiga).

The gouda plug enjoys electric power.
When reggio soon emerggi il pud, ready to take target at my figlia,
We will approach, like the banditos.
We will weggio the reggio.
We plug the gouda (imported from nederland) into the rear of reggio, il other end into the light socket.

The reggio, instead of feeling with his dirty dita his amore,
Will receive his anus the electrical gouda 300 ampere-hora!
I looking toward to see his face see his anus get a jolta.
He will be more shock than Alessandro Volta.