Sale salle

Zut, @lors! How can one work with bores?
On this the second day of our campaign, we have little more for you than damp'ning whores.
What do you want to do today? Listen to The Who?
Or Whole? When lead Courtney Love shoots, she scores.
We've had clients bare their butts and asked for spanks with oars.
Upon departing, they offered thanks. We've had masked celebrities in ranks. We've had Tom Hanks. We provide costumes, candles, still water, and banks.
We provide a room to read in peace.
Help yourself to our library. Imported oils from Nice. Simulate flight--suspended by cables--with lady geese.

We have all this in store, in mounds, and more!,
and yet we cannot have clean floors!
Ah! ses articles sont partout,
tampons mixed with cubes of Knorr's.
The walls bear marks of squeez�d pores.

We should have long thrown one of-doors.
But the law, cherished clients, such pre-emptive strikes abhors.

All will be rectified; in the meantime, we are here to serve you.